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The Evidence Is Breeding

In by Chris on July 11, 2010 at 10:02 pm

The evidence is breeding like mosquito ponds
Benevolence seething through the burrito songs
Of seventh senses, scaled fences to backyards
Black scars hidden in suburban Mars
Or farther planetary houses entrenched behind bars
The hindsight stars of fine dreams too far
You find seams through which to crawl
Or stall on fingerling malls while lingering thoughts
Give your wings pause, the gauze deteriorates
Even while songs invigorate and ameliorate
Can they sate? You scanned and then ran too late
The man you hate speaks cannily, berates you
For vanity permeates and creates you
Can’t you see the sanity abates puritanically?

  1. Chris I love the non-regular rhyming patterns, they’re a world better from my stuff which used to follow the ABAB ish. I wonder if there’s a way to include meaning in the pretty patterns 🙂

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