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I Wrote A Novel, But Due To Word Constraints I Had To Edit Each Paragraph Down To A Single Word

In by Chris on February 23, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Night. Whisper. Surprise. Moonlit. Chase. Slam. Shout.
Morning. Window. Tiptoe. Vendor. Rendezvous. Boredom. Refreshment.
Hills. Pensive. Plans.
Plaza. Bump. Shouts. Women. Glares.
Officer. Tender. Iron. Deal. Wink.
Fingernails. Dreams. Parting.
Airplane. Humidity. Safari. Caves. Blindfold. Uranium. Militants. Suitcase. Grab. Relief.
Airport. Surprised. Watch.
Giggle. Window. Reassurance. Flourish.
Dream. Grin. Hidden. Charge. Surrounded. Castle.
Keys. Questions. Trunk. Fast-talking. Pleading. Discovery. Struggle.
Cellar. Telephone. Girl. Pounding. Silence.
Smoke. Decision. Officer.
Midnight. Kiss. Shoulders.
Parade. Shouts. Bills. Tripped. Suitcase. Toxic. Riot. Searching. Arms.
Knock. Guns. Slam. Splinters. Shots. Disappeared.
Collapse. Kneeling. Search. Spectacles. Alas. Badge. Bench.
Slime. Rocking. Tears. Moon.


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